When embarking on a new fence installation project, considering your neighbors’ perspectives is key to fostering positive relationships within your community. Following good fence etiquette can ensure a positive experience for everyone. This article will cover some fence etiquette tips to consider before starting your fence project. Additionally, we are excited to introduce the diverse range of fencing solutions offered by JTI Fence, a leading Lynden, WA-based fence company, to meet your installation needs. Keep reading for tips on practicing good fence etiquette.

Talk to Your Neighbors About Your Plans

The first tip for proper fence etiquette is to keep in touch with your neighbors about your fence plans. As a member of a community, it is important to consider how your changes will impact those around you. While it’s not required to notify your neighbors, it is a good idea to talk about your plans and how they may affect them. This will help prevent any misunderstandings or potential disputes and help the process continue smoothly. 

Know Your Property Lines

Another important rule is to make sure that your Whatcom County residential fence is built inside your property limits. If you are not sure where your property ends, it is vital to double-check. You can contact your local county recorder or assessor’s office for information, and most counties offer online maps. Hiring a land surveyor to mark your property before we come to install is another option as well.

Follow Your Local Regulations

Our next fence etiquette tip is to follow your neighborhood and local zoning laws. If you belong to a homeowners association (HOA), they will certainly have regulations regarding fence height, materials, and colors that were predetermined before you moved in. 


Even if you don’t belong to an HOA, local zoning laws may impact the installation of your new Whatcom County residential fence. This is especially true if you live on a corner lot, as a tall fence might block incoming traffic at an intersection. Although your fence contractor may be familiar with local legislation, it is not their obligation to ensure that your new fence complies with every municipal ordinance or HOA rule. 

Maintain and Repair Your Fence

Keeping up on the maintenance of your Whatcom County residential fence is another key component of good fence etiquette. What is required to take care of your new fence depends on the type of fence you choose. For example, materials like wood need more regular cleaning and resealing, while vinyl and metal are much easier to take care of. Remember, it’s your responsibility to clean and take care of both sides of your fence. If your fence begins to age or deteriorate, it’s up to you to repair or replace it. 

Consider a Fence That is Beautiful From Both Sides

Our final fence tip is to consider choosing a neighbor-friendly fence. Depending on the type of fence you choose, one side might be more attractive than the other. Most residents choose to face the finished side of the fence, also known as the “good” side, towards the street and neighbor’s yard. However, if you decide to install a “good neighbor” fence both you and your neighbors will receive the benefits of an equally beautiful fence from both sides. Two neighborly fence options from our Lynden, WA fence company include aluminum and vinyl. You can trust our experienced team at JTI Fence to help guide you through the many options and styles that we have to offer. 

Our Lynden, WA Fence Company Offers Quality Fence Options

When deciding which fence types will meet your home and family’s needs and keep you in good standing with your neighbors, JTI Fence offers a variety of residential fence options, including wood fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, and ornamental steel fences. Whatever your needs, we have something perfect for you. 

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