Are you interested in a timeless, elegant, and strong fence for your home? Elevate your outdoor space with an ornamental steel fence crafted by JTI Commercial Services. Designed to combine beauty, decorative flair, and sophistication, our stunning ornamental steel fences are the ideal choice for enhancing your property in Lynden. Join countless residents who trust in the expertise of JTI Commercial Services to transform their outdoor areas with these beautiful fences. Keep reading to discover why Lynden, WA fencing contractors love ornamental steel fences!

What is the Difference Between Ornamental Steel Fencing and Wrought Iron Fencing?

Before diving into this blog, let’s clarify what ornamental steel fences are and how they’re different from other metal fence varieties. During your search for the ideal residential fence in Lynden, Washington, you might have encountered various terms describing metal fences, which can confuse homeowners with limited fencing knowledge. So, what sets ornamental steel apart from wrought iron?


To begin, ornamental steel is crafted from an alloy combining iron with carbon. The result is a lightweight and rust-resistant product that can be produced on a large scale. Conversely, wrought iron fencing consists of pure iron, making it heavy, challenging to mass-produce, and susceptible to rust. While wrought iron is aesthetically appealing and long-lasting, ornamental steel fencing is an economical choice for Washington residents. The low maintenance aspects make it a quality product for property owners in Lynden. 

What to Know About Ornamental Steel Fencing

While many Lynden, Washington properties would look beautiful with an ornamental steel fence, only you know exactly which type of fence would suit your specific needs and taste. The best way to decide what fence is perfect for your property is to review the advantages and disadvantages of each fence type. Here are some considerations for ornamental steel fencing:

Ornamental Steel Fences from JTI Commercial Services are Strong

Ornamental steel fences are exceptionally strong and are engineered for durability, surpassing many other fencing options. Their durability is further enhanced by a protective powder coating, ensuring longevity and resilience against damage. This protects the fence from corrosion and weathering. Ornamental steel fences are also great for withstanding harsh weather as they are built to last. They are often installed in 8-foot sections, which means they require fewer posts than other fencing types. 

Ornamental Steel Fences are Aesthetically Appealing

One of the main reasons residents prefer ornamental steel fencing is because of the sophisticated, sleek, and contemporary aesthetic it offers. Imitating the classic appearance of wrought iron, ornamental steel fences add beauty to any property. There are numerous styles and designs to choose from to reflect your personal style and taste. 

Security Features of Our Ornamental Steel Fences

A qualified Lynden, WA fencing contractor would be happy to help you choose the correct size and grade of your ornamental steel fence in order to make it as safe and secure as possible. Selecting the right fence height and correct picket width are also key factors in creating a secure property border.

Ornamental Steel Fences Provide Open Visibility

Ornamental steel fences provide a strong boundary with excellent visibility, allowing you to view the happenings of your space at all times. If you admire the aesthetic of ornamental steel but want more privacy, consider using plants and landscaping to create privacy instead of opting for a fully enclosed fence.

Our Ornamental Steel Fences are Low-Maintenance

Ornamental steel fences don’t normally require any repairs or maintenance. Inspect your fence once a year for any damage or for hardware that may need tightening, and you are done! Minimal maintenance is required to keep your fence functional and beautiful.

Custom Ornamental Steel Options from a Northern Washington Residential Fence Contractor

To make your Northern Washington residential fence truly represent your style, choose from our customizable options available for ornamental steel fences. There are fence post toppers in several heights, lengths, shapes, and designs. There are also different styles of picket and fence top designs to choose from. 


While ornamental steel mimics wrought iron with its protective coating and black paint, it also offers versatility with many color options. Ornamental steel fencing’s ability to adapt to uneven terrains makes it perfect for properties with slopes or asymmetrical landscapes. These features are what make ornamental steel so popular among residential property owners and local businesses in Washington.

Learn More Information About Lynden Ornamental Steel Fences 

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