When it comes to selecting the right fence for your property, you’re faced with a multitude of choices. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of choosing a Whatcom County wood fence, shedding light on its styles and advantages. At JTI Fencing, we’re here to share some valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about your next wood fence.

Whatcom County Wood Fence: A Perfect Match

If you’re considering a wood fence for your Northern Washington property, you’re making a great choice. Wood fences seamlessly blend with the region’s natural beauty, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution. Renowned for their strength and timeless appeal, wood fences complement any property, making them an excellent addition to your home.


Our top-rated Northern Washington fence company specializes in crafting wood fences that cater to your unique needs. From full-privacy to semi-privacy and various decorative additions, our wood fences can be tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you’re leaning towards painting or staining, our wood fences can align with your home’s aesthetic and your personal style. We take pride in building every Whatcom County wood fence to look as if it’s always been there. Plus, wood fences are usually one of the more budget-friendly options upfront, making them a popular choice among property owners.

Strength in a Whatcom County Wood Fence

Yes, wood fences are strong, provided they meet certain criteria:

Properly Installed Fence Posts

Sturdy fence posts are essential for the structural integrity of your wood fence. At JTI Fencing, our expert installation ensures your wood fence in Northern Washington stands strong for years to come. We offer an optional upgrade to PostMaster posts for added strength and durability. No matter what, you can be sure our team installs your wood posts to the highest industry standards.

High-Quality Wood Rails and Pickets

Some low-budget fence companies may use inferior materials to cut costs. We prioritize quality, using premium wood rails and pickets. This decision may require a slightly higher initial investment but guarantees long-term durability, saving you money on frequent repairs and replacements. Our team prioritizes the use of Western Red Cedar pickets whenever possible in order to deliver a Whatcom County wood fence that will resist rot and insect damage

Routine Maintenance

Wood fences, while beautiful, can succumb to rot, warping, or cracking with prolonged exposure to the elements. Regular maintenance, including yearly inspections for damage, can significantly extend your fence’s lifespan. We recommend a thorough inspection at least once a year to ensure your wood fence remains in top condition. We use stainless steel nails and coated screws to preserve the appearance of our cedar fences for years to come in Whatcom County Washington. The purpose of this is to avoid both streaking and rusting. By choosing a reputable company like JTI Fencing for your wood fence project in Northern Washington, you can have confidence in professional installation and long-lasting strength.

Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences in Northern Washington

Wood fences come in many styles with customization options for the top finish, paint, or stain. Our wood fences come in a variety of heights with options for both full-privacy and semi-privacy fences. Check out our photo gallery to see a collection of some of our previous wood fence projects. Here are some of our customers’ favorite residential wood styles available at our Northern Washington fence company:


Photo of a semi-privacy wood fence in Northern Washington


For those seeking a balance between privacy and openness, we offer both vertical and horizontal semi-privacy wood fences. These designs provide a subtle separation while still allowing airflow and light.

Photo of a wood picket fence in Northern Washington

Wood Picket Fences

A classic choice for residential properties, picket fences provide an attractive border. They’re suitable for yards, gardens, and even pool enclosures. Consider modernizing this traditional style with customized top finishes

Photo of a horizontal wood fence in Northern Washington

Horizontal Wood Fences

Modern and sleek, horizontal wood fences provide a contemporary look. They create full-privacy fences by placing wood posts close together horizontally.

Photo of a stockade privacy wood fence in Northern Washington

Stockade Wood Fences

A traditional favorite, stockade fences feature closely spaced wood pickets on one side of the rails, creating a natural-looking, full-privacy barrier.

Photo of a board-on-board wood fence in Northern Washington

Board-On-Board Wood Fences

For a full-privacy option with added visual interest, consider board-on-board fences. These fences partially overlap wood posts along one side of the rail, ensuring no gaps develop over time.

Discover More About Wood Fences in Northern Washington 

At JTI Fencing, we provide high-quality wood fences to Northern Washington and surrounding areas. Visit our wood fences webpage to explore various styles, construction details, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also make use of our instant quote tool to get an idea of how a Whatcom County wood fence fits into your budget. 

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